More Tree Planting Parties!

June 15, 2011

Check out these highlights from some recent Tree Planting Parties.  Yay for Civic Fruit!

The East Boston Neighborhood Health Center “Let’s Get Movin’” Delegation (East Boston)

Creating a new community garden on a former parking lot in East Boston

One of the planting holes

Planting the tree

The Boston Home/Dorchester Environmental Health Coalition/ Ashmont Adams Neighborhood Association Delegation (Dorchester)

Planting the first tree

Members of the Delegation

The YouthBuild Boston/Nuestra Communidad/Boston Architectural College/ Grand Famillies Delegation (Dorchester)

A celebratory work day at the newly refurbished Generations of Hope Community Garden

Watering the tree

The South Boston Grows/ Tech Networks of Boston/ Paraclete Academy Delegation (South Boston)

Gathering together

Planting the first tree

An apple peeling contest

Making apple crisp

Other News
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