Featured Delegation: The Parents and Community Build Group/The Ringer Park Partnership Group

March 6, 2012

The Parents and Community Build Group/The Ringer Park Partnership Group

Interview with Joan Pasquale, Executive Director of The Parents and Community Build Group, Inc. and The Ringer Park Partnership Group – an official Boston Tree Party Delegation in Allston, MA.

The Parents and Community Build Group is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization focused on community service. They aim to engage Boston residents through educational events and green space advocacy. The Ringer Park Partnership Group works together with the Boston Parks and Recreation Department to care for Ringer Park in Allston, MA.

Why did you decide to join the Boston Tree Party?

“We were looking for ways to get more children involved in green space stewardship. They’re the next generation, so it’s great to get them involved as caretakers of the trees. We’re also considering installing a whole community orchard, so this was a great opportunity to begin the orchard and involve lots of people. “

What does Civic Fruit mean to you?

“It’s a neighbor connection. We help a food pantry program here in Allston… [it’s] a way of connecting neighbor to neighbor, and connecting neighbor to community…not just providing food but so much more than that. So many things can be done in the community around the central nucleus of food.”

What’s your favorite apple?

Golden Russet

Each Tree Planting party is organized by the Delegations themselves, resulting in unique celebrations representing the flavor and interests of their communities. Here’s a quick recap of what Joan’s Delegation did to celebrate their tree plantings:

On April 30, 2011, we planted both apple trees during our Annual Spring Clean-Up of Ringer Park in Allston, which takes place in conjunction with Boston Shines. Over 100 volunteers joined us in celebrating the initiation of the Allston Community Orchard. The apple trees were planted on the West End House Boys & Girls Club property, bordering Ringer Park and enhancing our Greenspace Stewardship Partnership with the children at the Boys & Girls Club, who will assist us with the ongoing care and maintenance of our community orchard. Our tree party guests enjoyed a multitude of refreshments, including donuts, pastries, apples, and a pizza luncheon to celebrate both the Ringer Park Clean-Up and our historic Allston Community Orchard Tree Planting.

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