Pomologist John Bunker Dishes on Heirloom Apples

July 26, 2012

One of our official apple advisors, pomologist John Bunker, recently sat down to an interview about heirloom apple trees for the Radio Sandy Springs show America’s Home Grown Veggies with Kate Copsey.

John began by describing how he originally became interested in working with heirloom apple trees in his 20s. Moving to rural Maine in the early 1970s, John discovered a wealth of local trees that had sadly been neglected. By learning from older locals John was able to develop a knowledge of and passion for restoring these great old trees to former glory.

John’s favorite thing about heirloom apples is the “incredible assortment of diversity of colors and shapes and sizes of the old varieties.”

One of his passions is the 15-20,000 varieties of apples that were known to exist in America only 150 years ago, just a small fraction of which are grown today. The exciting thing about these old varieties is that because apple trees can live so long, many that we think are lost could be out there somewhere, waiting for rediscovery!

So tune in for John’s advice on the growing requirements of apple trees, the best way to learn to care for trees, a defense of heirloom varieties, and stories about seeking out some of the most rare local heirloom trees.

It was a great show with lots of apple info, so we really encourage you to check it out!

Direct mp3 link: http://www.radiosandysprings.com/podcasts/VeggieHourJune23.2012.mp3

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