Boston Tree Party 2012 Delegation Convention Wrap-Up

October 24, 2012

Thanks to all of our Delegates who joined us for our first Delegation Convention this past Sunday! We had a great time and hope the afternoon was enjoyable and informative for all.

The event started with some mingling as attendees arrived, then everyone introduced themselves – including not only their connection to the Boston Tree Party but also all the “hats” that our busy and engaged Delegates wear! We then started building on these many community / organization connections with “speed dating” conversations. In just a short time many bridges were built among our attendees, and hopefully more will be built through follow-ups!

The main event of the day was based on the concept of the ‘Pro-active Cafe.’ We had three participants pose interesting and thought-provoking questions:

“How can we keep the momentum going for specific projects in places of high turnover?”

“How can we encourage our fellow citizens to vote in this important election when voting rates are so historically low?”

“What are some options for getting a ‘food prescription’ program implemented at a neighborhood health clinic?”

As you can see, we encouraged the topics to be much broader than the specifics of the Tree Party – an example of how we hope the BTP network will be used to grow all kinds of Civic Fruit. The Convention attendees then came together in small groups to discuss these questions – and lots of great solutions came out of our conversations!

The afternoon concluded with a short State of the Party round-up, a presentation of the Delegation Handbook and Delegation Map & Directory we have been busily creating this summer and fall [stay tuned for more info on both these great resources!], and a delicious apple tasting with lots of varieties of apples and sparkling apple cider.

A great time was had by all, and hopefully this is just the first step in building connections between all the great Delegations who are part of the Boston Tree Party.

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