Selected Press:

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The Boston Globe/ Planting Roots for Healthy Living/ by Meghan Irons/ April 11, 2011

Radio Boston (WBUR)/ Boston Tree Party Sets its Roots/ by Amory Sivertson/ April 12, 2011


The Callie Crossley Show (WGBH)/ The Boston Tree Party/ July 21, 2011



Urban Farm MagazineUrban Farm Roadtrip: Boston, MA/ by Cheryl Morrison/ April 2012 (only available in print)



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WBUR Public Radio Kitchen Blog/ Spotlight: The Boston Tree Party/ by Jaime Lutz/ February 18, 2011

SUNfiltered/ The Boston Tea Party Meets Urban Agriculture/ by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg/ February 16, 2011


Complete Press:


Big Red & Shiny/ The Growing Trend/ by Nicole J. Caruth/ December 16, 2012

Jumble/ Growing Civic Fruit/ by Katherine McManus/ May 11, 2012 Growing Civic Fruit: A Documentary Film about The Boston Tree Party/ April 18, 2012


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Broad RecognitionEnvironmentalism and Feminism: An Interview with Lisa Gross ’04/ by Jess McHugh and Andrew Wagner/ April 8, 2012

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Boston Tree Party (FTW!)/ by Zachary Shahan/ March 16, 2012



The Greenhorns Blog/ Be a Boston Tree Partier + Planter/ March 11, 2012


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What’s for Lunch Yo! Blog/ Let’s Paint the Town Green/ by Courtney Moy/ March 8, 2012

Groovy Green Living - Blog by Lori Popkewitz AlperGroovy Green Livin/ The Boston Tree Party: Urban Orchards Unite Communities/ by Lori Popkewitz Alper/ March 8, 2012

Care2Activist Group Builds Community One Apple at a Time/ by Beth Buczynski/ March 7, 2012


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