Further Investigation

To learn more about apples and their importance, check out the resources below. Teachers and parents, be sure to scroll down for resources geared towards students and children.


Books to Explore: A small selection of books that should give you a interesting peek into the world of apples and the wider world of Civic Fruit. Please let us know your favorite!

General Information and Care Resources

Apple History

Cooking with Apples

Apple Cider

Environmental and Agricultural Information

Key Articles for Background Information:

  1. Forgotten Fruits Manual & Manifesto: APPLES from Renewing America’s Food Traditions, Slow Food USA [PDF]. “The Ark of Taste is Slow Food’s catalogue of foods threatened by industrial standardization, the regulations of large-scale distribution and environmental damage. In an effort to cultivate consumer demand – key to agricultural conservation – only the best tasting endangered foods make it onto the Ark.” A great resource from Slow Food USA about the history of apples and the importance of preserving heirloom varieties.
  2. Apples of Antiquity by Sue Weaver, Hobbyfarms.com. “Whether they’re called heirloom, heritage or historical, these time-honored apples of yesteryear are staging a dramatic comeback in orchards all over the world, and rightfully so.”
  3. Apples of Your Eye by Tim Hensley, Smithsonian Magazine. “Fruit sleuths and nursery owners are fighting to save our nation’s apple heritage…before it’s too late.”
  4. Our Disappearing Apples by Ed Yowell, The Atlantic. Heirloom apple overview and information.
  5. Beyond the Mcintosh by Corby Kummer,  The Atlantic. “One man’s mission to save abandoned (and glorious) apples by helping people plant for the future.”
  6. Students use Technology to Preserve Heirloom Apple Trees by Muriel L. Hendrix,The Working Waterfront
  7. A Celebration of Heirloom Apples and Artisan Ciders by Tabitha Alterman, Mother Earth News
  8. Biting Into Heirloom Apples, The Chicago Sun Times
  9. Before the Mac, Vintage Apples by Anne Marie Chaker, The Wall Street Journal. “Farmers and Stores Push Thousands of Heirloom Varieties, Rediscovering the Duchess of Oldenburg”
  10. Why We Harvest: An Urban Fruit Gleaning Manifesto by Asiya Wadud, Civil Eats. Inspiration from the Bay Area – we hope our online app and map will help people do the same in the Boston area!
  11. Urban Fruit Gleaning: Harvesting Fresh Fruit in the Middle of the City by J.D. Roth, Get Rich Slowly. Short article with video and links to resources about gleaning.

  12. Boosting Health With Local Food by Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times. Great introduction to ways that eating more local food could be beneficial.
  13. The Value of Trees to a Community from the Arbor Day Foundation. Great interactive image and information.
  14. Linking Heirlooms and Civic Agriculture by Rose Hayden-Smith, Civil Eats. Nice introduction into civic agriculture.
  15. Friend of a farmer: Why small-scale ag needs community by Steph Larsen, Grist.org. Inspiration for connecting with the farmers in your life, and building those community connections around food.
  16. A Local Food Blueprint by Tom Laskawy, Grist.org.
  17. The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono (Translated from French by Peter Doyle). A short story / parable that we hope will be moving and inspirational as you embark on your own journey to plant trees.


  1. Curriculum: A sample of the educational materials and lesson plans available online that apply to teaching children about apples. Use these as inspiration for your own lesson plans! If there are any curriculum materials that you find useful, please let us know so we can share them with others. Thanks!
    1. Apples Lesson Plans, Activities, Printables, and Teaching Ideas from A to Z Teacher Stuff – A variety of resources for grades Pre-K through 4.
    2. Apple Education from University of Illinois Extension
    3. A is for Apple from Kinder Korner
    4. Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities from First-School
    5. Apple Preschool Lesson Plans from The Activity Idea Place – A focus on art activities, also math and science
    6. Johnny Appleseed and Apples Web Page from Educational Technology Training Center: KSU.
  2. Recommended Books: There are dozens and dozens of books written about apples for children. Here are a selected few we think are fun, interesting, and educational. All of these books were available from our local library system, hopefully they will also be available at yours. If you know of any books not on this list that you find particularly good, please let us know and we will add it.
    1. The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall (Fiction, ages 4-7)
    2. Ana Cultiva Manzanas / Apple Farmer Annie: A Bilingual Edition in Spanish and English by Monica Wellington (Fiction, ages 3-8)
    3. Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (Fiction/Education, ages 3-8)
      1. Also see accompanying lesson plan from Scholastic
    4. One Red Apple by Harriet Ziefert (Good for Read-Aloud for young kids)
    5. Apple Picking Time (Dragonfly Books) by Michele B. Slawson (Historical Fiction, ages 4-8)
    6. Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta (Nonfiction, ages 5-8)
    7. Apples for Everyone by Jill Esbaum (Nonfiction, ages 4-7)
    8. How Do Apples Grow? by Betsy Maestro (Nonfiction, ages 5-9)
    9. Johnny Appleseed: A Tall Tale by Steven Kellogg (Fiction/Nonfiction, ages 5-9)
    10. The Real Johnny Appleseed by Laurie Lawlor (Nonfiction, ages 8-12)